The Redema Ottoman Footrest is rectangular and designed to sit on any side you select. Make it low, or turn it on its side and get a different height. Being it is lightweight, you may even find yourself turning it using your feet. You can also decide how thick it needs to be by inflating one or both chambers. There’s an adjustable carrying strap attached that folds nicely into the large tote pocket, too. Talk about adjustable! Make your Redema work for you, by ordering today!

What others are saying…

“The Redema sounds perfect! I had a stroke, so one of my legs keeps on swelling. I have looked at other leg rests. They’re either too high or too low and the Redema is soft as well.” -Brigitte Keane, Ammanford Dyfed, United Kingdom

“I just love it! I can’t imagine not having it [when I’m sitting in the van in my booster seat]!” – Ian Kim, 7 year old, Oviedo, FL

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