Remembering on Memorial Day

This weekend, I’ve been stunned by the reports that our veterans and their families are enduring unprecedented delays in treatment and services. I’m saddened to hear it is as widespread as it appears to be.

For me, I’ve observed one retired veteran friend who served this country abroad with excellence, but he has had an unbelievable journey as his body began to fail him about six years ago.  To his credit (I suppose), he endured excruciating pain for many years before that, likely attributed from his time serving abroad in challenging conditions as a young man.

It wasn’t until he almost lost his life he had to seek formal treatment.  He went through the VA, but only his wife might remember details of how many times they heard, “No,” or “Wait.” All these years, he has been blessed with good doctors in this unwelcome and uncertain journey with countless visits to see them. The challenges remain of working through paperwork for planned and unplanned visits to the hospital. However, they both continue to pray, smile, have hope and are enjoying periodic mini-vacations.

I know it is this couple’s faith that has brought them this far, as it would be impossible to endure otherwise.  Therefore, I wanted to post a salute to this amazing couple (who for privacy’s sake will not be named here).  They both continue to inspire me and make me proud. After all, it is the whole package – the soldier and his/her family that deserve our everlasting gratitude and honor.  A most heartfelt, “Thank you!” to all of you who serve(d) our country and its veterans with such excellence.  May your journey become brighter and lighter as with God all things are possible.

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