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I’m having a great time processing orders for you (for no charge at the moment –well, OK, there are the shipping and handling fees), which is done by yours truly, the Product Developer of the Redema Ottoman Footrest, Karen Tinsley-Kim. This deal may not last much longer, as it is dependent upon how many remain in stock.

I believe in the Redema very much and continue to use it daily. I’m just having trouble getting the attention I need for the Redema so it can be even more accessible to your family and friends. Many of the stores I’ve approached over the last year or two are no longer in business, and for the ones that remain, the competition has been fierce.

Being a full-time university instructor and mom of three young men has not afforded me the time or funds to adequately market this product. However, I am grateful and pleased with the progress I’ve made thus far to actually get the Redema patented (US Utility Patent #7,464,991), thanks to the great help of family and friends.

Frankly, I’ve been at this long enough that my current packaging needs to be redone. They are not suitable for store shelves anymore. But instead of letting these Redemas go to waste, I’m giving them away with the expectation that all of you will help me get the Redema Ottoman Footrest where it should be — under more people’s legs and feet so they can benefit.

Like the economy, the future of the Redema Ottoman Footrest is uncertain. It may be that once these are gone (and frankly there are not so many), I may just call this amazing adventure in product development of the Redema a done deal.

Would you share your Redema Experience here, especially if you have participated in this special giveaway? You may be among the select owners of the only Redema Ottoman Footrests that will ever be made. Your thoughts and tributes are most genuinely appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Tell us your Redema Experience Here

  1. I happened to receive a Redema ottoman a few weeks ago, and since then everyone in my family has been using it- particularly my dad, who took it into his office room and has not returned it since. It has quickly become one of those things in the house that we all want to use, all the time, and I know it especially helps my parents relax after a long day at work or out and about. Thank you for this great product!

  2. I know this is over due… I purchased the ottoman for my husband who at 37 years old was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition. 4 surgeries later he is still having problems, one of which he can not sleep with his legs flat. With 2 young kids and now a one income family, the cost of an adjustable bed was out of the question. Your ottoman has been a great solution.
    We used to have a ritual that at night we would take the cushions off the sofa so daddy could elevate his legs, now we don’t have to mess with the furniture every night! It has been a great solution!!
    A++++ for travel too!!!!

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