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. But, dragging around a footrest or ottoman, is well, a drag! Whether it is travel by plane or just visiting friends, you can take your Redema Ottoman Footrest with you and get the circulation assistance you need almost anywhere you go. To help you or someone you love ease circulation issues, click here.

What others are saying…

“I purchased your ottoman for my sister-in-law as a birthday gift to her. She is a diabetic and she also has congestive heart failure. When she would go to parties or travel with us she would always get very bad swelling in her legs. The water would then lead to her having an episode of congestive heart failure or she would get ulcers on the bottom of her feet. One time she almost had to have her foot amputated. I found your ottoman on the internet and I was looking for something that would make her comfortable and would be easy to bring along with her anywhere she goes. When we took trips we would always be propping her legs up with something that wouldn’t even get them up high enough, i.e. blankets, stools, chairs, anything we could find. Her feet would always swell despite our efforts. After I gave her your ottoman, she told me she absolutely loved it. She couldn’t believe how comfortable it was and easy to transport. Its decorative design made her less self conscious about carrying something around to prevent the swelling in her legs. She really liked the way you can adjust the height levels. She had nothing but good things to say about it. I got to see for myself just how great the ottoman works. The other day she went to her first family party with it. At the end of the night, I saw her ankles and I was completely amazed because for the first time her ankles were not swollen and she looked like she really enjoyed herself and was not suffering. Thank-you for creating such a great invention that will help so many people in the future.” — S. Ramos, Bakersfield, CA.

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