Inflating and Stowing Your Redema

Redema Inflation Valve Open

Press/pinch the bulb-shaped part of the valve into an oval to open the inner valve chamber.

In the photo, note the bulbous base of the valve has an internal valve. This inner valve has a drum with a slit that must be pressed open to allow air in or out. Two short videos below offer further guidance.

The Redema Ottoman Footrest is easily inflated and deflated with manual or electronic air pumps that would be suitable for beach balls, pool floats or air beds. It can be inflated by mouth if desired. In either case, the valve must be pressed so the round clear end is oval-shaped to open the inner valve. Although the Redema is professionally manufactured with excellent sealing and thick PVC material, please take special care when inflating the Redema with an electronic pump.  Bicycle pumps have a different valve and will not work.

In my experience, inflating it by mouth (with patience – think of a medium-sized beach ball or pool float) is the most convenient. For those who need assistance to inflate their Redemas, such as my grandparents, I purchased an electric air pump (often in the camping/swimming section of a megamart), but they still have others assist them with that, too. Hand or foot pumps can also work (I used to sell hand pumps), but many people found them troublesome.

Here are two videos my sons made to quickly demonstrate how to get air in and out of your Redema:

How to Inflate Your Redema Ottoman Footrest by Mouth


How to Inflate Your Redema Ottoman Footrest with a Pump


Often once a person determines their desired number of chambers to be inflated, I am told it is usually left alone until it needs a little more inflation for firmness or needs to be stowed.  (I have several Redemas I have not had to inflate for years.)  When I travel by air, I just leave one chamber inflated, although I have had customers report they used it with both chambers inflated riding in Business or First Class. The carrying strap makes it possible to carry the Redema down the aisle without difficulty. For those in RVs, the carrying strap can makes it easy to hang the Redema up when it is not in use. When I need it in my car, the one-chamber inflated Redema fits nicely in most floor areas and can be stowed in a seat or trunk as well, even fully inflated.

If the Redema is not needed, it can be deflated in much the same way as it is inflated.  Press the valve open to allow the air to escape

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. It is recommended it be stored flat, or it could be hung flat with the carrying strap.

If you still have questions, please contact me at

To your comfort,

Karen Tinsley-Kim

2 thoughts on “Inflating and Stowing Your Redema

  1. Would you let me know the deflated (smallest) size dimension (for storing when not in use)?


  2. The Redema is essentially a small air mattress with a handle, so when it is deflated, it can be hung, folded or rolled for storage. If it is laid out flat, it is no more than an inch or two thick, and W 15″ x L 20″. It can be stored almost anywhere until it is needed again.

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