Most footrests or ottomans out there offer one, maybe two different heights

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. The Redema Ottoman Footrest offer four basic different heights, but being it is an inflatable, the options in between approximately 5 to 20 inches are almost endless!
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What others are saying…

“It is a little over three weeks, and we have used the [Redema] hassock every day. I blew it up on the first day and it has stayed up with no problems. It is sturdy and supportive. It does catch lint, but [use] a damp brush and it is clean, very attractive, and the multi-sided use for the various heights is really handy. [We’re] so glad we purchased the three [Redemas], so that we do have them to travel, but more than one member of the family can use one. It makes a great gift for all ages and the various disabled. If you do other things please send us information.
Thank you for the ability to make this purchase, and the delivery was quick. The greatest idea we have seen in a long time.“
Sincerely, Anna M Keck, Philadelphia, PA

2 thoughts on “Multilevel

  1. I am looking for a hassock that elevates my feet above my heart to relieve the build up of edema fluid in my lower legs and knees.

    The seat in my chair is 20 inches above the floor.
    My heart is 32 inches above the floor. Do any of your hassocks rise above 32 inches?

    Thank you,
    David Slack

  2. This is a great question, David. I designed the Redema so you could get your legs elevated wherever you are, even at your desk. While sitting in an adjustable office chair, the height of the chair can certainly be lowered, allowing the Redema to get your legs and feet at or above your hips. For many this is enough height to get some relief from swelling or pain. Sitting on a sofa or softer seating area can likely be lower than 20″. The highest level with a Redema is approximately 20″. If you are using the Redema at one of the lower levels while lying down, you would certainly get your legs above your heart. If the Redema was 32″ in height, it would have you almost heels over head while sitting, wouldn’t it? I know for me that wouldn’t be very comfortable.;-) I am offering the Redema at a very affordable price, and I hope you will give it a try. Many others, including myself, have found the Redema helpful to relieve edema with other testimonials throughout this website. Thanks again for asking! -Karen Tinsley-Kim, Product Developer of the Redema Ottoman Footrest

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