Pain Relief

Whether your pain is weak or strong, it should never be enhanced by seeking comfort. You will not strain yourself by moving your Redema Ottoman Footrest into a position that may ease your pain or discomfort, as it feels almost weightless once it is inflated. Whether you or a loved one are recovering from surgery or injury, the Redema Ottoman Footrest can be your portable answer to comfort at home, in the hospital or wherever you may be seeking pain relief. For non-medicinal pain assistance, click here

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What others are saying…

“I broke my hip during an accident 3 years ago. Since my hip replacement surgery, I have been plagued with periodic swelling of my ankle and foot. The Redema has allowed me to rest my foot comfortably and ease the swelling. Its size is perfect for our small apartment, too. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.” -Helene G., Brooklyn, New York

“I’m recommending it to my chiropractor!” – Dr. Joe Evans, UCF Instructor, Orlando, FL

“Heavenly! I use it everyday, and I can carry it while using my crutches.” – Mary Ann McCunn, Oviedo, FL

“The Redema Ottoman worked very well on the plane. It kept my mother quite comfortable. There was enough room to use it (with both chambers inflated), because we were sitting in the first row of first class on all three flights.” -Annette Buckmaster, Eugene, OR

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