Enjoy OctoberRest!

I’ve been back to teaching and working like crazy! The stress of the current economic slump has not been lost on me, as I watch friends and family continue to struggle daily. We all need a break! How about an OctoberRest?

Being that the Redema Ottoman Footrests I still have are no longer suitable for store shelves, and I’ve had so much fun getting them to people who need them, I’m extending my promotion for the month of October

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. I like giving them away in exchange for your Redema story, but my shopping cart system continues to be frustrated with my freebie numbers.

All I ask for in return is your Redema story. I can’t put a price on those! Check my testimonials page for what might be missing… Of course that would be your story!

Even if it turns out not to serve your needs, you could return it, but I’d recommend that you pass it on to someone who would benefit — after all it will cost you more to return it than to keep it or pass it on, wouldn’t it?

Come celebrate OctoberRest with us by clicking here now.