“For me, your product is very easy to use and the results are more or less instant. I am old with swelling and itching in the calves and ankles. After only a few brief uses the swelling has gone down enough that the itchiness is much abated and I am using much less Eucerine to relieve the discomfort.” —Wm. F, Santa Clarita, CA


“After having surgery my physician ordered me to be on strict bedrest. Tired of having to stay in bed all day I was able to use the Redema Ottoman Footrest to keep my legs elevated so I could sit anywhere I chose to sit. The Redema is light weight and portable, so I could easily move it from room to room. My Redema was also very comfortable. As a former Intensive Care RN I highly recommend a Redema to anyone that needs to keep their legs elevated for whatever reason.”
—Heather Juma, San Diego, CA


“I purchased your ottoman for my sister-in-law as a birthday gift to her. She is a diabetic and she also has congestive heart failure. When she would go to parties or travel with us she would always get very bad swelling in her legs. The water would then lead to her having an episode of congestive heart failure or she would get ulcers on the bottom of her feet. One time she almost had to have her foot amputated. I found your ottoman on the internet and I was looking for something that would make her comfortable and would be easy to bring along with her anywhere she goes. When we took trips we would always be propping her legs up with something that wouldn’t even get them up high enough, i.e. blankets, stools, chairs, anything we could find. Her feet would always swell despite our efforts. After I gave her your ottoman, she told me she absolutely loved it. She couldn’t believe how comfortable it was and easy to transport. Its decorative design made her less self conscious about carrying something around to prevent the swelling in her legs. She really liked the way you can adjust the height levels. She had nothing but good things to say about it. I got to see for myself just how great the ottoman works. The other day she went to her first family party with it. At the end of the night, I saw her ankles and I was completely amazed because for the first time her ankles were not swollen and she looked like she really enjoyed herself and was not suffering. Thank-you for creating such a great invention that will help so many people in the future.” — S. Ramos, Bakersfield, CA.

“The Redema Ottoman worked very well on the plane. It kept my mother quite comfortable. There was enough room to use it (with both chambers inflated), because we were sitting in the first row of first class on all three flights.” —Annette Buckmaster, Eugene, OR

“It is a little over three weeks, and we have used the [Redema] hassock every day. I blew it up on the first day and it has stayed up with no problems. It is sturdy and supportive. It does catch lint, but [use] a damp brush and it is clean, very attractive, and the multi-sided use for the various heights is really handy. [We’re] so glad we purchased the three [Redemas], so that we do have them to travel, but more than one member of the family can use one. It makes a great gift for all ages and the various disabled. If you do other things please send us information.
Thank you for the ability to make this purchase, and the delivery was quick. The greatest idea we have seen in a long time.“
Sincerely, Anna M Keck, Philadelphia, PA
“We are using the [Redema] footrests to take with us on an overseas flight. Since we’re traveling coach, our seats won’t recline that much and we need to be more comfortable to sleep overnight on the plane.” -Marta Nystrom, Santa Fe, NM
“We have a trip coming up in our motor home. I purchased this for that purpose as it is lightweight and with cramped space, doesn’t hurt when you bump into it. I already like the way it is constructed. I have a small pug who has a problem getting on the bed. Since she weighs only 13 lbs, I have put it by the bed and she uses it as a step up to the bed. I have put a cover over it, but I think the material could probably handle her. Anyway, so far I am very pleased.”
Later…“Karen, the [Redema] ottoman performed as expected. I wanted to touch bases and let you know how the Redema served our needs for traveling. You can’t beat the weight and ability to collapse it when space is at a premium

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. This is the greatest for RV’s. You always try to find items that don’t take up a lot of space and are lightweight. The Redema is great!
It worked great with the dogs during our trip. The pocket on the bottom is a great idea. I put a book… in there to help weigh it down and give it stability. I have no complaints about the ottoman, it performed exactly as promised and we’ve gotten a lot of usage out of it.“ -Donna Halstead, Tempe AZ
“The Redema sounds perfect! I had a stroke, so one of my legs keeps on swelling. I have looked at other leg rests. They’re either too high or too low and the Redema is soft as well.” -Brigitte Keane, Ammanford Dyfed, United Kingdom
“My Redema gives me proper support for my feet beneath my desk at work. I use it constantly, and I miss it when I don’t have it.“ – Ben Kim, Oviedo, FL

“Heavenly! I use it everyday, and I can carry it while using my crutches.” – Mary Ann McCunn, Oviedo, FL
“I always use it at my desk with my computer.” – Mei Eun Marler, Orlando, FL

“Just spoke with my mum this morning. She just received it. She said incidentally, she had been using a box of books under her study table for her legs. I let her know the real thing has arrived!“ – Ade Ifelayo, Chicago, IL
“We’re going to use ours while watching the Super Bowl in our hotel room.” -The Clark Family, Franklin, TN

“I’m recommending it to my chiropractor!” – Dr. Joe Evans, UCF Instructor, Orlando, FL
“I just love it! I can’t imagine not having it [when I’m sitting in the van in my booster seat]!” – Ian Kim, 7 year old, Oviedo, FL
“Our kids use it to support them when sitting at their desks. No more dangling legs!“ – The Kim Family, Oviedo, FL
The appeal, pleasure and luxury of a personal Redema is now being experienced all around the world — from Orlando, FL to countless cities in the USA to Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, Switzerland, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Vietnam, Peru, Guatemala, and even Uganda and Mozambique in Africa.
In other words, the Redema Ottoman Footrest is currently providing unsurpassed luxurious portable comfort in every continent in the world! That’s a testimonial that is hard to beat.
But, the question for you is: Do you have a Redema under your feet, yet? I trust by now you’ll seriously consider it! Thank you in advance for your purchase!

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Love it!
    Helped me during pregnancy, right after pregnancy, and now I enjoy putting my feet up occasionally during the terrible twos! lol. Thanks for your creation. It has been a life saver.

  2. I was given my Redema as a gift about four years ago and it still is going strong. I love it, just last week my husband hurt his ankle and we needed to elevate it. I was able to get it out blow it up quickly and he was able to keep it elevated. We even moved it to the dinner table so he could join the family for dinner and he did not have to miss out on Family game night!

    So grateful,

    Heather Cline

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