Whether it is by plane, bus, RV or other form of passenger transit, some of us need a more comfortable way to travel! The Redema Ottoman Footrest fits under almost any airline, bus or RV seat with one chamber inflated to offer support for the back of the legs. This can provide relief of pressure on the sciatic nerve, assist with circulation through elevation, or just provide support for feet that would otherwise be uncomfortably dangling or straining

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What others have said…

“The Redema Ottoman worked very well on the plane. It kept my mother quite comfortable. There was enough room to use it (with both chambers inflated), because we were sitting in the first row of first class on all three flights.” -Annette Buckmaster, Eugene, OR

“We have a trip coming up in our motor home. I purchased this for that purpose as it is lightweight and with cramped space, doesn’t hurt when you bump into it. I already like the way it is constructed. I have a small pug who has a problem getting on the bed. Since she weighs only 13 lbs, I have put it by the bed and she uses it as a step up to the bed. I have put a cover over it, but I think the material could probably handle her. Anyway, so far I am very pleased.”
Later…“Karen, the [Redema] ottoman performed as expected. I wanted to touch bases and let you know how the Redema served our needs for traveling. You can’t beat the weight and ability to collapse it when space is at a premium. This is the greatest for RV’s. You always try to find items that don’t take up a lot of space and are lightweight. The Redema is great!
It worked great with the dogs during our trip. The pocket on the bottom is a great idea. I put a book… in there to help weigh it down and give it stability. I have no complaints about the ottoman, it performed exactly as promised and we’ve gotten a lot of usage out of it.“
-Donna Halstead, Tempe AZ

“We’re going to use ours while watching the Super Bowl in our hotel room.” -The Clark Family, Franklin, TN

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