What is a Redema?

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What is a Redema

What is a Redema?

What is a Redema?

  • Ottoman
    • Both Chambers Inflated, Hassock
      • Rest feet with maximum support
  • Footrest
    • One Chamber Inflated
      • Stand & rest one foot, sit & rest both
  • Portable
    • Adjustable Carrying Strap
      • Carry on shoulder to transport
  • Adjustable
    • Four General Elevations
      • Approx

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  • Lightweight
    • Feels Almost Weightless
      • Weighs under 2 lbs, no strain to move
  • Ergonomic
    • Support the Lower Body
      • Leg, foot & back support
  • Uniquely Designed
    • Patented, Double-chambered
      • US Utility  Patent #7,464,991
  • Pain Relief
    • Comfortable Elevation
      • Use with chair, on bed, traveling
  • Travelworthy
    • Support for Lengthy Sitting
      • Air, RV, Van, Train, Bus, Car, Layovers
  • Circulation
    • Get Feet and Legs Up
      • At or above chair / heart level
  • Versatile
    • Multiple Functions and Uses
      • Footrest, mini-desk, tote bag
  • Inflatable
    • Uses Air for Support
      • Use mouth, or hand, foot, electric pump
  • Short Leg Support
    • No More Dangling Legs
      • Work, conferences, travel, children
  • Recovery
    • Surgery, Injury or Therapy
      • Orthopaedics, podiatry, knee surgery

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